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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients in Southern New Hampshire

Q. How much is it to do my roof?

A. We offer free, in-home estimates for all services. Prices vary based on the service required.

Q. Aren't all shingles the same?

A. No. There are many types of shingles available, including low-grade, thin, natural shadow shingles, which are available in limited color choices and come with a lifetime warranty.
Our mid-grade shingles include HD shingles, which are available in many color options and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The premium-grade shingles are thick, ultra HD shingles with a limited lifetime warranty.

Metal shingles are one of the best available. They're long-lasting and prevent snow and ice buildup.
Contact our roofing contractor from Derry, New Hampshire, with any other questions you have regarding our services.